Selasa, 27 Mei 2014


A boy falling in love with a girl. He always follow her, everywhere she'll go.
Someday, the girl ask him, "Why you always follow me like that?".
And then the boy said, "Because ur so beautiful and I love you. I really do."
The girl was surprised, "Really? How can you love me if you never meet my friend who more beautiful than me. You have to see her. Now she's on your back."
The boy looking back, but he not see anyone on his back, "Are you kidding me? I dont see anyone in my back."
The girl just smiling at him and said, "No, i'm not kidding. Because if you really love me like u've said, you will never look back." And she walking away.

--meme comic indo.

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Ginny Laura mengatakan...

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